How do I Choose the Best Room Decor?

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Choosing a room decor can be a fun and rewarding process, but also frustrating and time-consuming. To make the process easier, you should begin planning your room decor by choosing a color for the walls. The wall color will vary depending on what kind of mood you want to set; a living room, for example, should feature a subdued color that is relaxing and not too bright. A kitchen's wall color will be brighter and take advantage of available light to make the space seem well lit. From there, you will need to choose furniture that complements the room color and fits well in the room according to its size.

Room decor may be coordinated throughout the house, or each room may feature its own different and unique decor. Smaller houses may benefit from a consistent room decor throughout the house or throughout connected rooms, while larger houses may be accented by featuring individual room decor. In either case, choosing the furniture for a room should be done carefully. Stocking a room with furniture that is too large can make the room feel small, cluttered, and uncomfortable, while stocking it with too little furniture can make the room seem cavernous, intimidating, and equally uncomfortable.

Lighting is perhaps the most important element of any room. Be sure to consider available light from windows or skylights when choosing wall color and placement of furniture. Check the television for glares from windows before placing it permanently; a glare on the screen from a bright window can ruin the picture quality and make the room an uncomfortable place to unwind. Consider different types of lighting for darker rooms with little or no available natural light; consider track lighting, but also think about table lamps if you would like a more subdued, cozy feel for your room decor.

If your room will play host to young children, make sure to purchase furniture that is durable and perhaps even waterproof, as children are especially prone to spills and roughhousing. If no children will be using the room, consider more elegant materials such as leather or hardwoods. Remember that aesthetics are important, but comfort is more important. People will not want to stay in a room that is not comfortable, so sit in each item of furniture you are considering and make sure it is a piece of furniture in which you would like to sit regularly.



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