How do I Choose the Best Rolling Walker?

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If you need a rolling walker, you may feel overwhelmed with the amount on the market. There are a few details to consider before you decide on one, with the first being the number of wheels you want. You can choose from walkers with two, three, or four wheels, each with its own advantages that you should think about. Another factor to consider is your height and weight, since the walker needs to be a good fit for both. Additionally, the braking system is an important feature, and you have two main types to choose from.

The two wheeled rolling walker is considered the most basic type, as it features two wheels on the front, with two stoppers on the back to make it stable. The advantages include the ability to walk smoothly, and ease of storage since this type usually folds up easily. A walker with three wheels features one wheel on the front and two on the back. Though it is often considered less stable than one with two wheels, it is usually best for fitting through narrow spaces, and it also typically folds up for storage. The four-wheel walkers are known for being the most stable type, and also usually feature a seat that can be folded down to provide a place to sit.


Each rolling walker should come with brakes that are either the push-down or loop types. Your weight should be considered here as well, since if you are particularly light or heavy, you may put too little or too much weight on push-down brakes to be effective. The other choice is the loop kind, which is similar to the kind that many bicycles have. It is located on the handle, and requires users to squeeze it to stop the rolling walker. For this reason, if your hands are weak or damaged, the loop brake is likely not the best choice for you.

Before you choose a new rolling walker, you should make sure that it can hold your weight easily. If your weight approaches the maximum limit marked in the instructions, you should look for walkers with particularly sturdy metal frames and wide seats so that you are not at-risk for falling while using it. You should also take your height into consideration, since if you are quite short or tall, the average rolling walker may have handles that are too high or low for you. Make sure that your arms feel comfortable on the handles rather than strained, and that your back does not stoop as a result of improper height. If you are still unsure which type of rolling walker suits you, do not hesitate to ask the advice of a doctor or physical therapist.



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