How do I Choose the Best Reiki Therapist?

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When looking for a reiki therapist, it's important to find someone with whom you feel comfortable. If you feel odd or uneasy when talking to a reiki therapist on the phone or face to face, you may feel even more uneasy when it is time for her to begin the session. You should also take the reiki therapist's training under consideration, as there are several methods of reiki and not all therapists practice using the same methods.

One of the most important things to look for in a reiki therapist is an understanding of the practice of reiki. Ask a potential therapist any questions you have about what will happen during the treatment. During a session, you will be letting someone you may not know very well potentially change the energy around you, so you need to be sure that the person is properly trained and understands exactly what she is doing. An inexperienced reiki therapist, or a therapist who doesn't fully grasp what she is doing, could actually do you more harm than good during treatment.


Ask the reiki therapist about his attunements. There is some debate about how many attunements someone needs before he can practice reiki. Ideally, a therapist will have at least received four attunements during level I training. If he has continued to level II and master-level training, he should have received an additional attunement during each course. The more attunements a therapist has, the better he is able to channel energy to heal and relax others.

The lineage of a reiki practitioner is also something you should keep in mind. Some practitioners trace their lineage, or training, back to the original founder of reiki. You want a therapist whose lineage stretches back to Mikao Usui so that you know you are getting a pure form of reiki and a legitimate therapist.

Make sure the reiki therapist can actually treat your condition. Some therapists only use reiki to help others relax and will not try to heal diseases. Ask her if she has had any practice healing conditions such as yours. You want a therapist with experience so that you know her style of reiki will help you.

Ask others who have gone to a reiki session for a recommendation. If your doctor or hospital has a complimentary alternative medicine department, ask for a referral there. You'll probably have more luck finding a legitimate reiki teacher if you ask others' opinions first.



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