How do I Choose the Best Reiki Table?

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In order to choose the best reiki table, you should begin with a list of the amenities that you need and want for your equipment. It is then easier to shop around for a table that will suit your practice and stay within your price range. The best reiki tables are sturdy and built for comfort. Finding a table that possesses these important qualities will enhance your client’s reiki experience and can provide reassurance that your table will stand up to the wear and tear of frequent use. There are a multitude of different materials to choose from, and finding the best combination for your modality will ensure your overall satisfaction with the table.

Reiki practice, being based on energy transfer between the client and practitioner, demands that special consideration be given to the basic material that a table is constructed from. If you are performing more vigorous and energizing reiki, it is recommended that you invest in a metal table. Metal provides a more effective conduit for energy than wood. Wood is preferred by some reiki practitioners, however, because when reiki is performed for relaxation purposes, the wood structure absorbs extra energy and keeps the client significantly more grounded. The weight of your table is also a consideration when choosing the base material of your equipment. If you are going to be transporting it from place to place to see clients, tables made with metal are usually lighter than ones made with wood.


The comfort of the client is of utmost importance in reiki practice. Amenities on your reiki table that provide the client with extra comfort will add to the effectiveness of your practice. For this reason, it is recommended that special attention be paid to the padding, stabilizing structures, and comfortable accessories. Extra padding can often be ordered from a retailer if you are buying a custom table. A table that has an adjustable face cradle and additional supporting platforms for the arms will lend itself well to energy modalities. Purchasing additional bolsters to support the client’s back, neck, and knees is sometimes overlooked, but these accessories will help the client feel significantly more comfortable on the table.

You can purchase a reiki table through multiple outlets. Many practitioners find significant bargains online, but sometimes not being able to handle the equipment before purchase is a detriment, especially in energy work modalities. Retail stores are another option, but many areas do not have retail stores that sell massage or reiki equipment. Finding a used table through classified ads or at a local vocational school that offers a therapeutic massage program can be time-consuming, but can also be one of the best ways to find the best reiki table for you.



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