How do I Choose the Best Redwood Deck?

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Many people prefer to purchase a redwood deck over any other type of wooden deck. There are several reasons for this, one of which is that redwood doesn't shrink when exposed to alternating wet and dry conditions. It also has natural oils and resins which deter insects and prevents rot and decay from occurring. Redwood will last longer that any other type of deck, meaning you get more for your money. There are a few things to consider when you choose the redwood deck that is best for you.

For many people, cost is a primary consideration when choosing a redwood deck. If you want a beautiful deck at a low cost, consider going with the basic rectangular style. This is the most common type of deck and is the simplest to build, should you decide to construct it yourself. This will also be the least expensive deck to pay someone else to build. Rectangular decks work great for patios, sundecks and barbecue areas.

If you are choosing a deck to accommodate a hot tub, jacuzzi or patio set, consider an octagonal shape. This type of deck provides ample space for hot tubs, picnic table and barbecue grills, allowing people to walk around and access them from all sides. The octagonal shape turns the deck into an attractive centerpiece for the yard.


Consider a splash pool redwood deck if you are considering purchasing a deck to use in tandem with an above ground pool. This style of deck wraps completely around your pool, hiding the sides of it from view. A splash pool deck gives people an easier way to access the pool, provides seating areas in which to sunbathe or relax, and a place to situate a patio set, should you desire to do so. There aer also side pool decks available, should you only want to enclose half of the pool.

Many people enjoy the look and convenience of a wrap around redwood deck. This type of deck begins at the front of the house and wraps all the way around it. The deck is usually flush with the ground or has stairs on each side to access it. This type of deck is perfect for people who like to throw large family barbecues or spend a lot of time sitting outdoors. You can access this type of deck from the front or back door.



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