How do I Choose the Best Quilt Pattern?

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In order to choose the best quilt pattern three things must be taken into consideration — the experience level of the quilter, the amount of time that the quilter has to dedicate to the project, and the intended use of the quilt. There are a vast array of different quilt patterns and vary greatly in the amount of time that they require to properly complete all of their details and the level of skill that is required to complete them. Some quilts, while beautiful when they are finished, can take hundreds of hours to complete if they include many small details. Other quilts which take less time can be beautiful in their simplicity.

If a quilt is intended as a gift for an event that is in the relatively near future and the quilter is still a bit of a novice, a simple quilt pattern may be the best choice. Alternatively, if the quilter is very skilled and has plenty of time to dedicate to completing a quilt, a very complex quilt pattern can be chosen. It is not uncommon for a quilter to take more than a year to complete a quilt pattern. This is especially true for experienced quilters who are working on an intricate quilt pattern while also working a full-time job and tending to daily errands.


Another important consideration is the intended use of the quilt. One of the most basic considerations is the size of the quilt pattern. If the quilt is intended as a gift, it is important to find out the bed size of the person who will receive it. A king-sized quilt, for example, will completely envelope a twin-sized bed while a quilt made for a double-sized bed will be dwarfed when placed on a queen-sized bed.

There are some patterns that have special meanings. Sometimes these meanings are historical and refer to actual events and places. Other quilts have thematic meanings referring to love, family, marriage, and domestic themes.

Not every quilt pattern has a special meaning. Some of them have been created simply for their beauty. However, when choosing a quilt pattern it is interesting to do some basic research on the pattern to find out if there is any special meaning behind the pattern. There are a number of quilting websites and books that include this kind of information.



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