How Do I Choose the Best Quilt Comforters?

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Considering several factors before you choose a quilted comforter for your bed can result in the ideal bedding for you. For example, the appearance of the comforter — the color, pattern and any extra details, such as appliques — may be important. You also should make sure the size is right for both you and your bed. The warmth of your bedroom and whether you are cold-natured or warm-natured also are considerations, because they may help determine the type and amount of filling you want in the comforter.

One of the first considerations to make when choosing quilted bedding is the look you want. For example, you may want to consider the color that best suits your preferences and your bedroom, keeping in mind that quilt comforters come in a range of shades and you may need to be prepared to spend some time searching for the perfect hue. Once you choose the shade, you should decide on the pattern, which may include a traditional pattern or a more unique design. You may want a quilt that features appliques, embellishments or embroidered designs. Before you choose the appearance of your bedding, though, you may want to consider how long you intend to keep it, because it can make the difference between sticking with a classic look that will remain current for years and choosing a trendier design that may quickly be dated.


You likely should think about the size of the quilt comforters you are browsing. It is important that you take into account the size of your bed, such as twin, queen or king, because this will make a difference in the width and length of the comforter. You also should consider how many people it has to cover and their general size, because a quilt comforter that is too small to do its job may be a waste of money. Though the packaging on most quilt comforters mention which type of bed they fit best, you also can measure the width and height of your bed and compare the result to the measurements of the comforters you are considering.

A final detail to consider is the warmth of the quilts you are checking out, because this can greatly affect your comfort. This usually means you should pay attention to the type and amount of filling. While many of the warmest quilt comforters feature wool or down, the warmth level often depends on how much filling is in the quilt, because heavier, warmer blankets tend to have the most. You also can choose quilt comforters with very little wool or down if you live in a warmer climate, though you may opt for comforters filled with a light layer of cotton or fiber instead, because these often are lighter and less expensive.



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