How Do I Choose the Best Project and Time Management Software?

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Choosing the best project and time management software requires a bit of research, but the best tools will help to streamline the processes involved in managing a project and help you to use your time more efficiently. Just because your schedule is complicated doesn't mean that your project and time management software need to be. Some of the best programs are the simpler ones that offer all the necessary features and functions. Managing a schedule filled with projects may be complex already, and using new management software that is difficult to master doesn't make much sense.

Depending upon your work style and preferences, different types of project time management and software programs are available. Some people prefer an online, real-time web application that allows multiple users to access various time and project management tools. These online web-based project and time management software applications may also offer access to different levels of options and features. For example, an outside vendor may have limited access to an online application, whereas an employee may have more access. Managers, supervisors and senior level executives may require full access to all areas of an online project and time management application.


One helpful feature of good time and project management software is the capability for performing certain tasks or functions automatically. Some programs will actually begin logging time when a computer is turned on at the start of a day. Another useful feature is a look-back or review function. This function allows a user to see all the time spent on various tasks, meetings, and projects throughout the day. Time schedule data can be analyzed to help use available time and resources more efficiently. Programs with this function also help organize and categorize information by the hour, day, week, month, or year, providing extremely useful information for billing, resource allocation, planning.

Consider project and time management software that will increase overall workflow and efficiency by creating a more transparent process that can be accessed by all the team members involved in a particular project. A project and time management application that allows for and even encourages collaboration between all involved parties is a basic requirement. Other essential features and functions to look for are the capacity for users to assign and track their own specific tasks or the tasks of others, provide a project timeline along with relevant deadlines or milestones, identify potential risk, and provide a complete view of the scope of any given project. The ultimate goal of any time and project management software should be to keep people on task, in close communication, and to provide real-time progress for all involved parties.



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