How Do I Choose the Best Professional Hair Products?

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The best professional hair products for you are those designed to care for and style your particular hair type and are priced to fit your budget. Talk with the hairdresser who is most familiar with your hair about the products she’s used on you in the past and is currently using on you, as well as about products she’d recommend. If you can, speak with customers who have experience with the kinds of professional hair products you’re interested in. Try to find customers who have hair types and styles like yours. If price is a factor, spend some time looking at a variety of retailers, as not all businesses sell the same products for the same prices.

Since most professional hair products are sold in salons, visit your hairdresser. Ask for her opinion on the different professional hair supplies she’s used on customers, and make sure she tells you whether those customers were satisfied. Talk with her about recommendations she’d make for you based on your own hair type and the different processes your hair has undergone such as coloring, perming, and straightening. Pay attention to the professional shampoo and conditioner she uses, as well as any professional hair tools she uses when she styles your hair. If your hair is colored, talk with her about the merits of the professional hair color she uses to dye your hair.


Talking with current customers is an effective way to obtain an unbiased review of certain professional hair products. Since past and current customers usually aren’t trying to sell you anything, they’re more likely to talk honestly about both the pros and cons of a particular professional hair care product. Try to talk with customers who have hair types and styles similar to yours. For example, if you have naturally curly hair, someone with straight hair probably uses different products than what you need. At the same time, if your hair has a permanent, talking with someone with naturally curly hair won’t give you insight as to how a product cares for chemically treated hair.

For many, the best professional hair products are those that are effective and affordable. Generally, professional hair products, such as those sold at salons, are more expensive than other store-bought hair care supplies. You can almost always purchase professional hair products at salons, including shampoos, conditioners, and various styling products. Salons tend to charge higher prices than other retailers, though, so consider shopping directly with the businesses that sell to hairdressers. Also shop around online, as many online stores compete for business by lowering their prices.



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