How do I Choose the Best Professional Development Training?

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The best professional development training will depend on the industry and profession you are in, and what options you have available. Some industries, for example, may have specialized associations which offer continued training and education for their members. To determine which option works best for you, consider why you are taking professional development training. If you are looking to enhance your educational credentials, you may choose to attend a college or university to receive a higher degree. To simply keep up to date on industry practices and trends, attending seminars and other events may be all you need.

In some cases you may be required to receive a specific type of professional development training. For instance, if you are working in a particular field and want to advance to a higher position, some companies may require that you have a certain level of formal education to do so. If you want the position, you will need to attend a college in order to meet the educational requirements.

Colleges and universities are one choice for those who want to receive professional development training. You can go for a higher degree or get your first degree if you haven’t attended college previously. To choose the right school, speak with advisors in your area and determine which option offers the classes you need, along with tuition and scheduling options that you are comfortable with.


Attending a formal educational institution is not for everyone. You may be more comfortable receiving your professional development training by attending an online college or by signing up for an association-related correspondence course. Both of these options can offer you the benefits of continued education without the traditional classroom setting. Online classes can be used for obtaining a degree or simply for taking classes that you feel would help you in your career. Association-sponsored courses will keep you up to date in your field, and you may be eligible to participate in other helpful events.

Seminars are another type of professional development training that professionals may take part in. The catch with this method is that information is often one-sided and may be meant to sway you on a particular practice or idea. For example, doctors are often invited to attend educational seminars, but these events are often hosted by prescription drug companies. Although physicians in attendance will gain some helpful information, they may not hear very much about potential downsides to using one drug or another.

Each type of professional development training is helpful for certain individuals. To pick the best one, consider what you hope to accomplish as well as you current education level. You may simply need a refresher course on certain topics, or you may need to learn an entirely new concept in order to continue in your field.



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