How Do I Choose the Best Professional Coffee Roaster?

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In order to choose the best professional coffee roaster, you much consider, first of all, the purpose behind getting a roaster. This will, in turn, determine the other factors, such as the size and the specific model, which will determine the features and specifications of the coffee roaster. Related to this, of course, is the cost, as investing in the best professional coffee roaster may not come cheap.

Before buying a professional coffee roaster, you should first ask yourself why you are buying one, whether it is to enjoy high-quality coffee at home or for your café to serve the best cups of “joe” in town. If you are buying a roaster for business purposes, you might have more incentive to shell out more money, as great coffee will mean more customers and more profits. This, however, does not mean that you would want to cut corners if you are buying a roaster for your family. What it means is that you will have an easier time determining which coffee roaster is best, depending on the purpose of your purchase.


The size of a coffee roaster is a vital factor, because it can determine the amount of coffee beans you can roast at a time. If you are buying a roaster for your café, you might want a bigger machine so you can roast more coffee beans in one go to accommodate your customers. Otherwise, a smaller one can suffice, such as for your own kitchen use. The size of a professional coffee roaster is also important because you would not want to roast too many coffee beans, since you cannot use them after a couple of days and they will be rendered stale. A good-sized roaster can ideally supply roasted coffee beans for three days’ use, at most.

After determining the size, you would want to compare different models of coffee roasters before actually buying one. You can look for specific features, such as a built-in thermostat and cooler so the beans are less likely to be burnt and different roasting modes such as “light roast” to a more robust “French roast.” Some roasters can even be programmed and timed according to the user’s preference and can incorporate sugar as they roast the beans. One important feature that many users would find useful is a see-through material, such as glass, so they can keep an eye on the beans as they are roasted.

The cost of a professional coffee roaster is also important; this depends on how much you can and want to spend. As a wise consumer, you always have to remember that something more expensive is not necessarily better than products with cheaper price tags, so it is always better to shop around and shortlist a few coffee roasters that would suit your needs. If you are looking to spend a little less, you can also go for a second-hand roaster, though you have to make sure it is still in tiptop condition.



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