How do I Choose the Best Pro Bono Attorney?

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A pro bono attorney will provide legal assistance for free to people in need. There are a number of things to take into account when selecting a pro bono attorney and it is advisable to take the time to research and interview several lawyers to find one who will be a good fit. Lawyers can choose different practice areas to focus on and it is important to find a lawyer who is familiar with the area of the law in which someone needs assistance. A family law practitioner, for example, would be a poor choice for someone who is appealing a criminal conviction.

One way to find a pro bono attorney is to go through the referral services offered by a bar association or legal aid organization. These agencies keep listings of all lawyers who have been admitted to practice law and who agree to be listed as people who will take pro bono cases. Bar associations and other legal organizations can provide people in need of legal services with some names and contact information. With this information in hand, an appointment to discuss the case can be set up.


People can also opt to research the lawyers in their area to identify lawyers or firms which specialize in the area of the law in which assistance is required. This research can be used to narrow down a list of lawyers or firms which can be contacted to see if they offer pro bono services. It is important to be aware that it may be necessary to meet certain criteria to be accepted as a pro bono case. For example, many lawyers focus on volunteering services to people of low income because these people cannot afford lawyers on their own.

During an interview with an attorney who will offer pro bono services, the first question which should be asked is whether or not a lawyer is needed at all, and if a lawyer is needed, if the attorney is a good fit for the case. A good lawyer will examine the facts of the case and provide honest information about the need for legal services. If the lawyer feels that she or he is not the best choice to handle the case, a referral to another pro bono attorney may be offered.

When interviewing with a prospective pro bono attorney, clients should make sure that they feel comfortable and confident with the attorney. If clients and lawyer cannot get along, it can make the case more difficult for all parties. People should also look for lawyers with a number of years of experience in the law and should ask about the lawyer's record with cases of a similar nature.



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