How Do I Choose the Best Powder Sunscreen?

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When it comes to choosing sun protection, many people are not aware that in addition to sunscreens in lotion form, it is also possible to buy sunscreen powders. In fact, a powder sunscreen product may be a much better option for many people. If you are thinking of trying a powder rather than a lotion, be sure to consider factors such as the grain of the powder, the ingredients included in the formula, the level of protection provided, and whether or not the formula is right for your particular type of skin.

One of the benefits of powder sunscreen is the absence of the oily feeling that lotions sometimes leave on the surface of the skin. To make the most of this benefit, go with a powder that has a very fine grain rather than a coarse grain. The end result is that the effect will be somewhat like applying a silky coating to the skin that does not feel sticky or tend to clump. The even spread of the finer powder will also offer more protection when you are in the sun.


Since a powder sunscreen tends to contain fewer chemicals than many sunscreen lotions, people who are likely to have an allergic reaction to those chemicals will find that the powder is a better choice. Before buying the first powder you come across, take some time to read the ingredients found in the product. While there are fewer chemicals in powder sunscreen products, there are still some that may cause skin irritation in certain people. Make sure there is nothing in the product that you know will cause an irritation. If any ingredient causes some concern, look into different powdered sunscreen products.

Just as with lotions, sunscreen powder comes in different strengths. Depending on how intense the ultraviolet rays in your area and the condition of your skin, choosing a product that offers greater protection may be your best option. Factors such as age, general health, the presence of extremely dry or oily skin, and even any family history of skin-related diseases are worth considering before you make a choice in sunscreen protection. If in doubt, talk with a professional who can help assess your skin type and provide practical suggestions for how much ultraviolet (UV) protection you need. Doing so will make it easier to choose the right powder sunscreen and enjoy your time in the sun while minimizing the potential of causing damage to your skin.



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