How Do I Choose the Best Porch Ideas?

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Visitors approaching your home see the porch before they see anything else. To choose the best idea for your porch, take some time to consider some ideas online, in home decor magazines or when driving through your own neighborhood. If your are thinking of building a new porch, consider the basic design aspects that make it look good and provide the most functionality for your particular situation. Consider what type of porch is best for your particular needs and situation before starting the costly process of construction. Ideas for decorating your porch include using just about any type of decoration from banners and holiday flags to flower pots and planters.

The ultimate goal in designing a porch is to provide a balance between an appealing design and optimal functionality. You may want to consult a contractor or architect for some advice on porch ideas. Great porch ideas begin with a design that provides continuity with your existing architecture. A large house that faces the street may be able to accommodate a large porch design while a smaller house in a more intimate urban setting may be better suited to a smaller porch. Keep in mind that the best porch ideas will likely add value and curb appeal to your home when it comes time to sell.


When building your porch, choose materials that are suited for many years of outdoor exposure and that offer some resistance to pests. Consider whether the porch will be open or if it will be enclosed. If you are building a porch as a place where you and your family will spend a lot of time, remember to design it with enough room to include all the things you want there. For example, if you want a porch swing, some comfortable chairs and tables, you may need to build a porch that stretches the length of your house. If your needs only require a small bench and a planter, then building a smaller porch may work better for you.

Decorating a porch for each individual season can make it look warm and welcoming for visitors. Holidays may also provide a way for families to work together in coming up with various decorating ideas for a specific season or holiday like spring or Halloween. Some people decorate their porches to support a local sports team, school, or special cause. Others build planting boxes or simply add a few large pots to show off their flowers or plants. When it comes to decorating, the best porch ideas can include something as simple as adding a few embellishments or consulting a contractor to do a complete remodeling job.



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