How do I Choose the Best Porcelain Pitcher?

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There are various types of porcelain pitchers, which is why choosing the best one may be difficult. Considering the uses you have for a porcelain pitcher before you buy, can help you make a decision. For example, think about what you will put in it before you decide how big it needs to be, as they range in size. Pitcher style is also something to consider, as traditional and modern looks exist. Finally, decide whether you want a particular color or pattern on the pitcher that you choose, taking into account where you will keep the pitcher. These details can come together to create a pitcher that is perfect for your home.

Not all porcelain pitchers are the same size, which is helpful since they can be used to hold different substances. For example, a small pitcher is often good for holding creamer, gravy, syrup, or any other condiment that you might place on the kitchen table. By contrast, larger pitchers are used to hold water, juice, milk, or even flowers. If you plan to use a porcelain pitcher to serve beverages to only a few people, there are also medium sized pitchers available that are ideal for this use. Additionally, you should consider what you have room for in your refrigerator, on your table, or on your counter before you buy a pitcher in a particular size.


A porcelain pitcher can be found in many, many styles, allowing you to add some personality to a room depending on the type you choose. If you plan to use it just to hold drinks occasionally, meaning it will be either put away or placed in the refrigerator most of the time, you may go for a plain porcelain pitcher with just a typical handle and spout. On the other hand, if you plan to display it, whether to hold flowers, or as part of your home's décor, you should choose one with an interesting style. For example, some pitchers feature interesting twists like a more angled or squat body, a more fragile handle, or even the shape of an animal. You should also consider whether the pitcher you choose matches your existing décor, as pitchers may appear modern, traditional, or exotic in style.

The pattern of the pitcher can also make a difference on its overall appearance. Pitchers with solid neutral colors, such as white or beige, are often ideal for kitchen use, but decorative pitchers tend to have brighter colors or intricate designs. For example, if you wish to place your porcelain pitcher in your china cabinet, it should feature a design that is similar to the other pieces of china in your collection. On the other hand, if your home has modern décor and you wish to put the porcelain pitcher on display in your living room, bright colors may be best.



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