How do I Choose the Best Pomegranate Body Scrub?

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Choosing the best pomegranate body scrub means choosing a scrub that meets all of the skin's needs. A body scrub is a great way to slough away dead skin cells and give the skin a healthy glow. But it is important to choose a body scrub that includes that right kind of exfoliant for the skin and the proper type and amount of emollients. The most common kinds of natural exfoliants are salt, sugar, and the crushed pits of stone fruits such as apricots. There are also synthetic beads that are added to some kinds of pomegranate body scrub.

For those interested in using a natural pomegranate body scrub, it is important to choose one that is made with the first three kinds of exfoliants listed above: salt, sugar, or crushed fruit pits. Salt is a powerful scrubber, but can irritate sensitive skin and can also cause a stinging sensation in skin that is shaved on a regular basis, such as the legs. For this reason, some people prefer using pomegranate body scrub that is made with sugar. Body scrub made with crushed pits from stone fruits can also be very effective.


When choosing a pomegranate body scrub, it is also important to assess the size of the grains in the exfoliant. No matter what type of exfoliant is used, if the grains are very large, then they might irritate the skin or even cause small tears in the skin. Very fine grains of exfoliant can often do a better job of really polishing the skin without creating irritations or small tears in the skin.

Finally, it is important to assess the kind of emollient that is used in the pomegranate body scrub. Most body scrubs are created with some kind of oil. Some of the best oils for the skin are olive oil and jojoba oil. A pomegranate body scrub that is made with one of these emollients will hydrate the skin in addition to polishing it, which is a very important step. Without an emollient, the skin can become too dry and even start to flake.

Another important consideration is the scent of the pomegranate body scrub. Be sure to choose one that has a very pleasing scent. It may also be nice to choose a scrub that is made with essential oils, which often have the purest and most pleasing aromas. People who prefer to use natural body products prefer those that are scented with essential oils instead of those that are scented with synthetic fragrance.



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