How do I Choose the Best Plumbing Contractors?

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Choosing the best plumbing contractors typically involves planning, patience, and investigation. It can be important for you to be able to validate their licenses and obtain references that could confirm that the contractor has the ability to provide quality service. Homeowners, builders, or contractors that you have had a positive relationship with in the past might be able to recommend a quality plumbing contractor. Chances are that someone you trust has needed the services of a plumbing contractor and can steer you in the right direction, thereby preventing you from making the possible mistake of employing an unreliable plumber.

Although phonebooks and the Internet might be good sources for plumbing contractor contact information, it usually is a good idea for you to not settle for random plumbing contractors that are listed among dozens of indiscernible choices. The first step can be to contact your personal resources that could potentially refer someone they have used and trusted in the past. Word-of-mouth referencing is a practice that runs strong in the construction industry and receiving a positive response from a reliable reference can be a solid way to begin the selection process. If you have recently purchased your home, it can be a good idea to contact your real estate agent. Agents are often exposed to contractors on a regular basis and might have a good idea on whom you could contact.


Another key step in selecting a plumbing contractor is being sure to validate his or her plumbing license. It is standard practice for a consumer to confirm the legitimacy of a business that is involved in specialized trade. If the contractor resists or fails to provide his or her credentials, it can be a significant sign that the plumbing company is not reputable or trustworthy. Plumbing contractors tend to have varying levels of experience, education, and economic success. It typically is imperative to confirm that the plumber you choose to employ has the proper certification and knowledge to complete the job.

Once you have selected a potential plumbing contractor, the next step is acquiring an estimate for the job before the work begins. Most plumbers should have no problem providing an estimate of the necessary work. In a case where the work area is hidden from view, it can be a good idea to associate specific costs with possible scenarios, as well as unit rates for labor and materials. If time permits, it usually is a good practice to request estimates from multiple contractors, which could allow you to negotiate prices and catch any estimate gaps.

Be sure to formalize all work agreements with a written document that outlines prices and sequences of work. Typically, a warranty for parts and labor should be included in the cost of the repair. The best plumbing contractors should have no problem with following these steps and complying with your reasonable requests.



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