How do I Choose the Best Photography Class?

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Taking a photography class is an excellent way to learn to take great pictures or to brush up on your photography skills. To choose the best photography class, begin by considering what kind of photography you want to learn. Is photography a hobby for you, or do you want to make it a career? If you want it to be a career, are you interested in commercial photography, journalism, or design, just to name a few? Asking yourself the right questions is the first step in the right direction.

It is also important to assess your existing photography skills. It's fine if you are a beginner, but you will want to sign up for the appropriate level of class so that it is not too simple for you, or too challenging. Degrees in photography exist as well, but this will obviously involve a number of photography classes, not just one. In addition, a degree in photography might include some business classes as well, to help you learn how to run your own photography business.


Once you have determined the type and level of photography class you want to take, begin by researching classes available in your area. Local universities, community colleges, or even high schools with community education programs often offer a number of photography classes. Most require a small fee, though some may be free. Classes as part of a degree program may be more expensive. If you do want to get a degree in photography, it is a good idea to research the faculty members, as well as to make sure that the school is accredited.

A photography class will require each person to have his or her own camera and other photography equipment. If the student does not own a camera, he or she may be able to rent one through the school. A photography class will almost always require the use of a single-lens reflex camera (SLR), whether it is a film or digital camera (DSLR). While point-and-shoot cameras may be fun for casual use, they do not often allow the level of manual control that is necessary to learn in a photography class.

There are some photography classes available online as well. These are often free, and allow the student more freedom to take the class on his or her own schedule. These classes are sometimes shorter in length than a traditional photography class, and may focus on a specific feature of a camera, such as aperture or F-stop. To choose the best photography class, simply select the one that sounds most appealing to you.



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