How Do I Choose the Best Personalized Wall Decor?

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Personalized wall decor can be a great way to make a house feel homey and warm, as well as add a unique look to a room. To choose the best personalized wall decor, you will first need to consider the room you want to decorate, as this will dictate your choices to a large extent. Personalized decorations for a child's room, for instance, will be much different than those for a living room. Consider also the type of decor you want; whether you want framed prints, for example, or something that looks like it's part of the wall like a custom wall decal.

When decorating a child's room, personalized wall decor is a popular option, particularly when designing a nursery. Wooden signs or customized prints displaying the child's name and the theme of the room, such as a sports theme or a baby animal, nature theme are great choices. Older kids might like customized tin signs, or other updated versions of the original theme. Teens are particular fans of customized picture frames, that might include their names as well as their friends who are in the photo with them.


For the rest of the home, there are many more options for personalized wall decor. Many families enjoy getting wall decor that is personalized with their last name; this may be a carved wooden sign or a decorative iron sign, which can look great next to the front door of a home or in a family room. A large print detailing the family tree is another popular option, particularly as a wedding gift when couples are just starting a family. Custom prints or other handmade options can also be a great choice for personalized wall decor. Commissioning an artist to make a unique piece of art can be an expensive proposition, but is worth it if it will be treasured for generations in the family.

Wall decals, which are large stickers designed to adhere safely to painted walls, and look like stencils, are another very common option. These can be customized with specific quotes or names, and are also designed to be easily removed without damaging the walls, making them a great choice for renters as well. Custom quotes can be located for every room in the house, and they can be easily combined with other pieces of wall art to give a room a nice, complete look. For instance, some people will combine a quote about family surrounded by framed family photos.



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