How do I Choose the Best Personal Finance App?

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Individuals who are focused on investing, managing their personal finances, or planning for special financial goals may be searching for a personal finance app to handle these matters. There are a wide range of stand-alone personal financial app tools available for personal computers, smart phones, or other mobile devices. Choosing the best personal financial app is a matter of knowing what goals are to be accomplished by using a financial application. These financial tools may be in the form of budgeting apps, investing tools, bank account management resources, and personal financial calculators.

Many of the financial apps available are software one can download onto a computer. There are also many Internet and mobile finance apps that allow users to subscribe for a monthly fee. These apps generally use the same features as software that is downloaded onto a computer hard drive.

Select either free personal finance software or an app with a trial period to determine if it will work for your needs before buying a product. Use financial apps only from reputable sources with good business ratings to avoid having personal financial information stolen and to have reasonable software support to work out any performance issues. Be sure that there are high levels of security built in to keep information safe at all times.


Many banks, credit unions, investment firms, and other financial institutions offer free or low-cost personal finance app tools to their customers. This can be helpful, but is somewhat limited in functionality and may be geared towards marketing additional services and products to you. Choose a personal finance app that has features that will complement what the financial institution is already offering.

When used properly, a good personal finance app will be able to show detailed information about the state of your finances at a moment’s notice. The application will also be able to give direction on what areas of personal financial matters need urgent attention and what goals are being met. With regular use, a quality personal finance app will help you to manage your finances and investments with greater success.



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