How do I Choose the Best Pea Seeds?

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One of the things to consider when purchasing pea seeds is the whether or not they are of a hybrid variety. You should also be familiar with the types that grow well in your area. If possible, try to determine how and when the seeds were harvested in order to make sure they are not too old to sprout. Finally, decide whether you would like snap peas, snow peas, or shell peas.

Heirloom pea seeds are those that have not been genetically modified. These varieties allow you to save the seeds produced by your plants to be replanted the following year. Many people believe these kinds are healthier than that of hybrid varieties because they do not normally contain chemicals. Some heirloom varieties include Alaska, Amish snap, and dwarf gray sugar, to name a few.

Check with your local extension office or agricultural service to see what varieties are recommended for planting in your area. Although this list may not be all-inclusive, it can give you a good idea of which types might be best to grow. Choosing a species that is well-suited to your geographic location is often key to a productive harvest later.


Try to find out when the pea seeds were harvested, so you can get an idea of whether or not they might still be good. Ideally speaking, they should be no more than a year old for best results. If they were selected the previous season, ask whether or not they were stored in a freezer during that time, as this can help preserve them for later planting.

The type of garden peas you like to eat can play a part in your choice of pea seeds. Snap peas and snow peas are varieties with edible pods and inner seeds. These types are usually eaten in Asian cuisine. Shell peas are types that are opened up to reveal the round legumes inside them. They are usually prepared as a side dish with many different types of meats or fish.

Planting a vegetable garden can be a good way to produce great-tasting produce while getting plenty of fresh air and exercise at the same time. Garden peas are usually an easy plant for many beginning gardeners to grow, so they are often one of the first considered by many people. Choosing the right pea seeds can ensure an abundant crop for those who decide to include this plant in their gardens.



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