How Do I Choose the Best Patio Rug?

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If you want to dress up your patio space to add more color or comfort, a rug may be the best purchase. To choose the best patio rug for your space, start by measuring the patio and thinking about what kind of coverage you want. This will help you determine which size rug will be best for your needs. From there, you will need to analyze the space carefully to figure out how much sunlight it gets and how much moisture is likely to strike the rug at any given time.

Direct sunlight can damage some materials and cause the patio rug to fade over time. Natural materials are usually most susceptible to this, though some synthetic fibers can also fade over time. Moisture is the bigger consideration, however, as most patio spaces will be exposed to rain or snow at some point. Try to choose a patio rug that is water-resistant, or at least one that will not be damaged from constant exposure to moisture. Synthetic rugs are the best choice for this, though some natural materials such as bamboo are also suitable for such applications. Bamboo mats are attractive, durable, and resistant to damage, so if you are looking for a natural look and feel, consider bamboo.


The color and design of the patio rug will largely be left up to your personal preferences. To find the best design and color for you, consider what types of patio furniture will be placed in the space, as well as what types of plant life surround the patio. The rug you choose should complement the colors of the surrounding area as well as the patio furniture you will use; try to avoid rugs that will clash with the existing landscape or patio furniture. The color and design do not necessarily need to match the existing furniture, but try to avoid rugs that will contrast too sharply.

Not all patio rug options are rectangular or square. Some rugs will be oval, circular, or freeform. Think carefully about what shape will be most appropriate for your space. This often depends on how furniture is oriented, in which direction the best views can be seen, and the shape of the patio space itself. You are not necessarily constrained by the shape of the patio, either; a round rug may, for example, look very good on a rectangular patio.



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