How do I Choose the Best Patio Collection?

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While it may seem easy to choose a patio collection based on its looks, there's a little more to it. Several factors including the material, style, size, and colors of the furniture play a part in which collection to choose. The weather, number of pieces, amount of use and the price are also important to consider.

The first step in choosing a patio collection is to measure the available space. Considering the range of sizes, some will be better suited for a larger patio while others are appropriate for a smaller space. Make sure to also include measurements for the area around the table so people can walk behind it and pull chairs out comfortably.

A patio collection will typically be made of one of four types of material: wood, metal, wicker or plastic. Wicker sets usually work well in beach areas and plastic is excellent for those who want something casual and weather-resistant. Wood is sturdy and beautiful, and, depending on the type of wood and treatment used on it, it could be insect-resistant and hold up well in various types of weather. Metal furniture, which is typically wrought iron, is a good option for those who live in windy environments, due to its weight, and is typically treated to protect against rust.


While each material has its positives, it also has its possible downsides. Plastic may crack, metal can rust, wicker may get quite dirty and wood is susceptible to nicks, scratches and weather conditions. Considering there are several makers of patio furniture, quality varies by brand, so it is vital to research reviews from previous customers.

A patio collection comes with a table and chairs, so it's important to buy a set that comes with enough chairs for everyone. For those planning on having quite a few people over, a set that seats two or four people may not be large enough. Some sets seat six or more, which may be more suitable for those who will use the set often for gatherings.

For those who want a budget-friendly patio collection, plastic is the best option. Wicker and metal are typically the next cheapest. Wood patio sets are sometimes the most expensive because of the work and treatments usually involved.

No matter what the cost of the patio collection or the material it is made from, it has the ability to be a beautiful and functional addition to the patio. To add a bright splash of color, consider buying outdoor seat cushions, which can also make the seats a little more comfortable. Purchasing an umbrella for the table can also be a useful and decorative addition.



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