How Do I Choose the Best Party Cupcakes?

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Choosing the best party cupcakes can depend heavily on the event theme or occasion, as well as the ages of the guests. Fortunately, these small cakes are very versatile, popular, and fun to work with and eat. Once a party theme has been decided and the number of necessary cupcakes determined, hosts may choose to buy the cakes from a bakery or bake their own. Some parties are even designed to allow guests to decorate their own sweet treats.

Party themes can be centered on special occasions, like birthdays or graduations. Holiday celebrations, such as New Year’s Eve or Christmas, and country-specific historical dates, like the Fourth of July or Cinco de Mayo, can also provide a motif. Decorations on these party cupcakes can include colorful icings, designs drawn on the cake with frosting, and edible or inedible cake toppers.

Specialty bakeries often offer a vast number of choices for party cupcakes. Buying professionally made cupcakes in this way requires little to no work of the host. Cupcakes can be ordered in advance if sufficient time is not available for home-baking. Sizes can vary from bite-sized mini-cupcakes to larger, specially-shaped miniature cakes.

Home-baked treats can allow for creativity and personalization. Many retail cooking stores have a variety of molds available for making unique treats. Cake flavors are not limited either. While chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet are popular, cinnamon, banana, and other flavors may be equally good choices.


A host can consider homemade cupcakes with special fillings. Pudding or chocolate pieces can be baked inside the cake for a personal and fun touch. Remember to use creative liners for the party cupcakes to be consistent with the event theme. Cupcakes can even be stacked to form a large, uniquely-shaped, full-size cake.

Calculate serving sizes to determine the number of cupcakes that will be required. If cupcakes are the only dessert, or the only food item, be sure to have enough for everyone. Typically, one regular-sized cupcake per person is a good rule, but — especially if no other food or snacks are served or if tiny mini-party cupcakes are used — two or more per guest may be needed. If the event is for younger children, a generous amount of extra servings might be a good idea because dropped or half-eaten party cupcakes may be more likely.

Avoid heavy icings and non-edible decorations when serving party cupcakes to very young children as these could be choking hazards. For this same reason, large, round candy toppings should also be avoided, particularly with babies and toddlers. Such young guests may enjoy cupcakes decorated with their favorite superhero or princess characters, or other popular motifs, like dinosaurs. Children and adults alike usually enjoy brightly-colored sugar sprinkles, pretty icing flowers, candy stars and chocolate embellishments.

Another idea to consider is having an event that centers on party cupcakes themselves. At such a party, you could provide an assortment of small cakes in several flavors. These can be accompanied by an assortment of toppings and icings, so that guests can decorate their own cakes. With plenty of plates, napkins, and a selection of beverages guests, young or old, should enjoy decorating their own confections.



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