How do I Choose the Best Parasite Program?

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A parasite program is a systemic approach to ridding the body of intestinal parasites. It may also be referred to as a colon cleanse, a cleansing diet or an intestinal cleanse. Regardless of the nomenclature, a parasite program is intended as an intestinal treatment for a person who has been infected by parasites and is suffering from associated symptoms.

An infected person should monitor his parasite program, educate himself and have a personal hand in making sure that his treatments are as effective as possible. Many companies sell a parasite program in a bottle. However, those interested in treatments should realize that many of the contents contained in the bottle can be found in common kitchens or can be otherwise easily acquired. If the infected person has the ability to acquire the necessary ingredients for a parasite program, he should opt to do it, as he can then monitor the quality of the ingredients.


The best parasite program will utilize the most effective versions of herbs known to combat intestinal parasites. For example, it's widely recognized that black walnut hull, wormwood and cloves are powerful herbs that can be used together as an intestinal cleanse, but each of these herbs need to be in a specific state to work properly against parasites. Cloves need to be fresh and free of irradiation so as to use as their natural antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-parasitic properties. Wormwood should be purchased in its safe form Artemisia annua and not in ineffective forms or in the potentially dangerous form of Artemisia absinthium. Black walnut hulls should be purchased fresh and green and in a tincture.

Conventional treatments can also work just as well as natural treatment programs. However, one may be required to undergo a series of tests to verify infection and the types of intestinal parasites that have taken residence in the body. Pharmaceutical drugs that may be administered are Mebendazole (Vermox®), Thiabendazole (Mintezol®), Metronidazole (Flagyl®) and Nitazoxanide (Alinia®). Surgery may be required in extreme cases where blockages occur or large parasites have been documented as existing within the body.

Quality ingredients can usually be found in high-end health food stores. If one opts to use pre-formulated natural pills to help rid himself of intestinal parasites, he should carefully investigate the ingredients and research the manufacturing company. Making sure that that one ingests quality ingredients can significantly reduce the amount of time required to cleanse and increase the success of the cleanse. In addition, the best parasite program will include lifestyle, diet and hygiene changes to prevent future infection.



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