How do I Choose the Best Pantry Door?

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There are various doors available that are perfect for kitchen pantries, which means that you should be able to easily match the d├ęcor of your home with one. Selecting the best pantry door requires that you know the main choices that you have. You should first decide whether you want an opaque door that hides the pantry, or a glass pantry door that offers guests a look into the area. Another choice you have is the type of wood that it is made of, which usually influences the shade of the door. Finally, consider the types of pantry doors that include extra features, such as interesting designs and custom doorknobs.

If you want to hide the contents of your pantry, you should choose a regular door that allows you to keep the area off-limits when it is closed. On the other hand, if your pantry is particularly impressive and you do not mind guests being able to see into it, a glass pantry door may be attractive to you. The most basic type comes with a wood frame and a large rectangular glass window, but you can opt for unique choices, as well. For example, frosted glass allows guests to have a limited look into the room without you shutting it off entirely with a wooden door. Stained glass and windows with designs in them are also options.


You might choose to go to with the traditional wooden pantry door, but even so, you have a few options. Perhaps you want a door that matches all the other doors in your home, in which case you might choose one that is painted white or some other neutral color. You can, however, stick with classic wood tones. If you do, you should know that cherry wood is darker and has a red tint to it, while maple is known for being lighter. Oak tends to be in between light and dark, though of course there are various other shades that are similar.

Pantry design should also factor in to your choice. Of course, you may choose a plain pantry door if you want to save money or keep it simple, but you can also pick a specialty door that stands out. Many door companies offer custom doors that come with designs that you choose, such as interesting textures, images engraved into wood or glass, or attractive hardware. The doorknob may be included in this choice, as you can typically match it to the other knobs in your home, or choose a custom type that sets your pantry door apart from others.



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Pantry doors really amaze me. I have this one in our house and my neighbors can't help now but to glance at its beauty. It looks really elegant!

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