How Do I Choose the Best Pan Hanger?

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Pan hangers can help you save space in your kitchen, and it's often convenient to hang pots and pans for easy access instead of putting them in a cabinet. However, you need to make sure you pick the right pan hanger. The right pan hanger for you will be sturdily made, have the right size and attachment method for your needs, and come with accessories you need and want.

The first thing to look for in a pan hanger is sturdy construction. The body should be made from steel, with the different parts attached to each other with spot welds or rivets. Flimsy pan hangers are a bad choice because they can wear out quickly, and are also a safety hazard. You don't want pans falling off the rack or the rack falling off the its mounts. That would pose a severe risk of head injury, especially if the pan hanger was mounted over the stove or other high traffic area.

Another feature to look for is the right size pan hanger for you. The size that is best for you will be dictated by your needs. If you only have a few pots and pans, or want to keep a few favorite pieces readily available, you'll want to choose a small pan hanger. If you want to hang all your pans, you'll need something larger. Restaurant owners should go even larger than that, as professional cooks need quick access to a variety of pans at a moment’s notice.

Next, you should consider what type of attachment mechanism you want your pan hanger to have. As a general rule, pan hangers come in two styles: hanging and wall mounted. If you have tall individuals in your household, or your kitchen has low ceilings, you may be best served with a wall-mounted pan hanger, as these require little clearance and minimize the risk of someone hitting his head on them. Shorter cooks may like hanging models, since the chain length can be adjusted to suit their height.

Lastly, the best pan rack for you will have accessories you like. There are basically two types of accessories: functional and decorative. Functional accessories include the hooks you actually hang your pans on. Decorative accessories are any style elements you find appealing. Hooks should be long enough to hold the pans securely, while decorative accessories should fit your kitchen decor and/or your personal tastes.


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