How do I Choose the Best Palliative Care Program?

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Finding the right palliative care program for someone who has a terminal illness can be challenging for families. End of life care is a special branch of medicine. The patient will need to be treated by a palliative care specialist during this time.

Medical personnel who work in palliative care jobs are trained to provide physical and emotional support to the patient and his or her family members. The fact that the patient is not going to recover doesn't mean that they are not entitled to receive treatment. Part of choosing the right palliative care program involves the patient and his or her family finding treatment providers who will ask them what their wishes are.

Not all people who require end of life care have the same ideas about how they want to be treated in the time they have left. Palliative care training focuses on teaching medical personnel how to provide care to give the patient the best quality of life possible in the circumstances. The patient makes choices about the kind of care and caregivers desired.


When it comes to choosing a palliative care program, the patient and his or her family will want to find out about any caregivers┬┤ preferred approach to treatment. They will want to find caregivers that the patient will feel comfortable with. The patient's doctor should be able to provide the family with a list of local resources. The hospital treating the patient may have a social worker on staff who can provide assistance in finding the right palliative care program as well.

Once the patient and his or her family has a list of palliative care programs, the next step in the process of finding the right one is to interview staff from a few of them. It may help to have a standard list of questions to make it easier to evaluate the available options and choose the right one. Make a point of asking which team members will be providing care and how different scenarios will be handled.

A patient who is looking for the right palliative care program will likely have questions about how the program he or she is considering deals with people who are experiencing severe pain. They patient may also be wondering if he or she can still receive services from the program if they are admitted to hospital or are sent home. Finding out the answers to these questions can help someone find the right palliative care program.



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