How do I Choose the Best Outdoor Chair Pads?

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Choosing the best outdoor chair pads is not a difficult process, but you will need to pay attention to a few details. Start by measuring your outdoor chairs to get the correct dimensions for your outdoor chair pads. Then decide if you want a pad for the seat or for both the seat and seat back. Narrow down your search by considering outdoor chair pads that are water resistant or otherwise resistant to water damage such as mold, mildew, and rot. Find a design that you think will complement your outdoor landscape well, and be sure to choose a pad that features some sort of tie-down or other way to secure the pad to the chair.

Some outdoor chair pads are custom made for specific chairs, while others are general purpose pads that will fit a wide array of chair designs. Getting custom outdoor chair pads will undoubtedly cost you more money, but can also ensure you get exactly what you want. If cost is not an issue, consider getting custom made pads made for your outdoor furniture. Otherwise, consider prefabricated pads that will fit your chairs well without shifting around or hanging too far over the edges of the chair.


The materials should be able to withstand regular exposure to the elements, such as rain, snow, and sunlight. Synthetic materials are best, since they will be resistant to water damage. If you choose natural materials, you will need to be sure to take the outdoor chair pads off the chairs when not in use to protect them from moisture damage such as mold and mildew. Be sure the pads you choose can be cleaned easily; most synthetic materials can be hosed off, and natural materials are sometimes machine washable. In either case, be sure to note the care instructions noted on the tag before committing to purchasing the pads.

Test out the outdoor chair pads if possible. Some may be more attractive than others, but a less attractive pad may be more comfortable. You will need to find a balance between aesthetics, comfort, and cost when choosing your pads, and you may get lucky and find pads that fit all three criteria. Be sure the pads are functional, too; they should feature Velcro® straps or tie-downs that will allow you to secure the pads to the chair, and they should be the right size for both the seat and the seat back. Check the stitching to make sure the seams are double stitched for strength.



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