How Do I Choose the Best Open Source Application Server?

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An open source application server is made to work with hosted applications, and choosing the right application server can help a business and its online presence. An open source application server is made to host an application, so it typically needs to know common programming languages to ensure the application works correctly. When the application server accesses a database, it is possible for redundant information to slow down processes, and a redundancy checker may help optimize the program. Many hackers try to get through a system via an application server, so effective security is normally required. While the open source application server may be as good as one built by an established company, there also may be quality issues to worry about.

When an application is hosted on an open source application server, the server typically will need to understand the language used to build the application. For example, if the programming language is unknown to the server, some features may be missing, the application may crash during use or it may never launch. Some application servers enable users to add new programming languages through downloads, but this is uncommon, so users should choose application servers that have the language they most commonly use.


During the application’s use, it is common for the server to access the database, either to pull information or to store it. If the open source application server does not have a redundancy checker feature, then this can slow down operations. For example, if information is added to the database that is the same as previously stored information, this can add extra weight to the database that is not required. Aside from affecting the database’s speed, this also can affect the application.

Users typically are allowed basic access to the open source application server, so this makes it slightly easier for hackers to get through the system. This means that getting an application server with some protection is typically required. Most application servers have basic security tools, but advanced tools may be better to keep hackers from breaking through the server.

As an open source program, an open source application server may have programming flaws that most closed source programs do not have. This is because people who are interested in making an application server — not a business that is looking to sell the server program to the public — build most open source programs. Users should play around with the server to check for errors before choosing an application server program to stay with.



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