How do I Choose the Best Online Radiology Continuing Education Courses?

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To choose the best online radiology continuing education course, you should review the requirements of your state licensing board. Check to see whether the school or course is approved by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT). Determine pricing and payment options before registering for a course. Also, remember to review the teaching strategies and course format as you decide on the best online radiology course for you.

A radiology technician must meet specific requirements to keep his or her license current. When looking for an online radiology continuing education course, you should first contact the licensing board or agency to determine those requirements. The state or regional licensing agency may be able to recommend some online courses. You can also check with local colleges or universities to see if they have any courses offered online that will meet your requirements.

Similarly, in order to get the best education, students should only attend courses or schools approved by the ASRT. The ASRT has rigid guidelines to ensure quality, and not all courses or schools for radiologic technicians will receive approval. Distance learning is relatively new in 2011, and the search for an ASRT approved online radiology continuing education school may be difficult. There are some available, however.


The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) is not the same as the ASRT. The ARRT does not approve or disapprove courses. The organization does make some course recommendations, but these are not held to any set of standards. The Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Method (RCEEM) is a credential that continuing education courses can hold. Courses listed as RCEEM are generally of high quality.

As good online radiology continuing education courses are difficult to locate, they tend to be more expensive. The additional cost of the distance-learning course may equal the cost of a commute, though. To manage these high costs, some of the courses are only partially offered online and the rest is taken in a live classroom setting. You should review pricing and payment options and choose the course that best fits your financial situation.

Some courses provide an exam at the end, and others do not. You may want to opt for courses that do, in order to test the knowledge you have learned. Additionally, some courses provide lessons using instructors in videos, while others provide the lessons via reading materials. You should choose the online radiology continuing education courses that provide a learning option that works best for you.



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