How Do I Choose the Best Online Portuguese Classes?

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Choosing the best online Portuguese classes requires more than considering class times and tuition costs. You will also need to consider how well the format of the class will match your learning style and how much opportunity you will have to hear how the language sounds. The fit of the class with your current level of knowledge and proficiency is important as well. Additionally, you might choose based on the level of interaction you will have with other students.

It is critical to think about your personal learning style when choosing the best online Portuguese classes. Some people learn quite well from written materials while others need an instructor to do their best. If you learn well independently and from written materials, a typical online course may be appropriate for you. On the other hand, you might choose a class that includes live online lessons if you need more instructor input.

While you can gain knowledge from written materials, mastering a language requires you to learn how the language sounds in addition to how it looks. Some classes include audio files you can access online while others will require you to use a CD to hear course materials. Still others might even involve a combination of audio components. A class that provides more listening opportunities may help you master Portuguese faster.


You should also consider your current level of knowledge when you are trying to choose the best online Portuguese classes. Often, students benefit from classes that review the topics they already know and introduce new topics to challenge them. If a class is too easy and concentrates mostly on knowledge and skills you already have, you won't learn much. On the other hand, if a class moves too quickly and is too complex, you might become frustrated and find it hard to learn. Not only are you unlikely to become fluent as the result of such a class, but you might also fail.

Online Portuguese classes that provide opportunities to interact with other students can also be beneficial. Message boards, forums, chat rooms, and messaging and conferencing programs allow you to study with other students, use your developing language skills, and get helpful feedback. Additionally, you might find some students willing to tutor you when such interaction is encouraged. This can be helpful if you are struggling in a class or even if you just feel the need for additional practice.



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