How Do I Choose the Best Online Creative Writing Classes?

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The best online creative writing classes for you will depend heavily on your educational goals and circumstances. If you are currently enrolled in a degree program at a college or university, for example, it is best to choose online creative writing classes offered by that college or university to ensure the credits you earn will count toward your degree. If you choose classes from another educational institution, you will need to ensure the credits will transfer to your college or university. Regardless of what institution you choose, make sure it is an accredited school.

Accreditation ensures the online creative writing classes have been analyzed and have been shown to offer high quality instruction that is recognized and respected by other institutions as well as by potential employers. Look for online creative writing classes offered by such institutions as well as classes that are taught by experienced instructors with proven credentials in the realm of creative writing. The instructors should, for example, have publishing credits that include creative writing published pieces, or analytical pieces published regarding creative writing.


Creative writing classes in general often rely heavily on interaction with an instructor as well as with other writers. You should be sure the online creative writing classes you choose allow you to interact easily and often with instructors and other students so you can get accurate and helpful critique of your writing. You will need to do some research into the learning platform offered by the online school; some classes, for example, take place through online forums, while others may take place by e-mail or in a virtual classroom that includes video, audio, text, and other interactive options. Find the learning platform that will work best for you; regardless of the platform, be sure you will be able to get writing critique and clarification easily.

Choose between synchronous classes and asynchronous classes. Synchronous classes take place at the same time every day, and students will participate in the classwork at the same time as each other. This is especially useful for creative writing, since interaction is often a major component of writing critique, but synchronous classes can be difficult for people with difficult schedules. If, for example, you work full time and a synchronous class meets in the middle of the workday, you may benefit from asynchronous classes. These classes allow you to work at your own pace, but you will not get as much direct guidance from instructors and feedback from other students.



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