How Do I Choose the Best Online Chinese Classes?

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Choose online Chinese classes based upon your preferred learning style, as this will help you succeed at your goal in the fastest way possible. The Chinese language has several varieties with different dialects including Mandarin, Wu, and Cantonese, so it is also necessary to decide which type of Chinese you wish to learn. You can find online Chinese classes that cater to both your schedule and the amount of money you are willing to put into your education in the language.

In order to learn Chinese quickly, you should choose online Chinese classes that are formatted in the learning style that you do best. Some people are visual learners, which means that visual aids and flash cards will help you learn. Auditory learners prefer to hear information in order to learn it best, so recordings of the language would be most helpful. Action-oriented learners prefer to be more interactive, which can mean writing things down or playing online games in order to learn Chinese quickly.


The next step in choosing online Chinese classes is to determine which variety you would like to learn. Mandarin and Cantonese are two of the most common, but there are more to choose from depending on your goals. If you want to learn Chinese in order to travel or live in China, you should choose online Chinese classes in the variety that are located in the area you plan to go. Even though Chinese is considered one language, the different dialects sound and are written completely different from one another.

Online Chinese classes can be found in a number of formats. One-on-one tutoring is available if you are interested in a personalized learning experience. This type of tutoring is more expensive than some of the other options available, many of which are free of charge. The free classes are often self-taught at your own pace and include vocabulary and games. This option is not the best for those who have problems with motivation. Group classes are also available and vary regarding scheduling and cost.

Look for online Chinese classes that have experienced instructors. It is important to know that the instructor has enough knowledge of Chinese to teach it to you correctly. Class size will also have an affect on how much personalized attention you get, so make sure that you ask about it before enrolling. The last thing to consider is the level of interaction that is required from the course.



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