How do I Choose the Best Oncology Hospital?

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When you are looking for an oncology hospital, you have several factors to consider before making a final decision. You will want to consider the hospital's approach to treating cancer patients, the doctors' experience, and its location.

Different cancer treatment facilities have adopted their own approach to this disease. When you are looking for an oncology hospital, you will want to make sure that the facility's approach to treatment is one that fits in with your values. For instance, if you feel that you want to deal with your cancer aggressively with surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiation oncology treatments, you should look for an oncology hospital that will treat your disease in that way. Some patients are open to and very interested in alternative therapies for cancer treatment and if that makes sense to you, then you need to find an oncology hospital that will support you in that way of dealing with your cancer.

Be sure to ask whether the doctors and staff at the oncology hospital you are considering have experience treating the type of cancer that you have been diagnosed with. You will also want to find out about the hospital's success rate for treating cancer cases that are similar to yours. This information will help you evaluate different facilities.


If you have been referred to a specific oncologist for your cancer care, you may need to get treated at the hospital where he or she works. The other approach you can take to finding the right oncology hospital is to do some research into facilities that seem like they would be a good fit for your values and approach to treatment. You can arrange to see a doctor who is on staff there.

Location is another consideration when you are looking for an oncology hospital. Seeking treatment from a facility that is close to where you live would be ideal, since it's likely that you will have some physical symptoms associated with your cancer treatments. Traveling to another location to get cancer treatments can be tiring. You will also need to consider the expenses associated with being away from home if you choose to go to a hospital that is not close to you.

Ultimately, the decision about how to find the best oncology hospital for you is a personal one. You will need to consider whether the hospital's philosophy about treatment fits in with your own and if your oncologist can treat you there. The location of the hospital is another factor you need to consider. When you are ill, getting treatment close to home may be your best bet.



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