How do I Choose the Best Oily Skin Mask?

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An oily skin mask can help to reduce the amount of excess oil that the skin produces for a certain period of time and can also help to heal acne and reduce the number of breakouts on the skin. Choosing an oily skin mask requires first assessing the needs of the skin. If the skin is not prone to acne, but is prone to becoming excessively oily, then masks specifically for the treatment of acne should be avoided. In these cases, ingredients that target acne such as salicylic acid are unnecessary.

For those who are trying to manage oily skin and treat acne, a mask with salicylic acid may be a perfect choice. One mask that can work well for both oily skin and acne-prone skin that also happens to be oil is a mask made with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic. It also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. This means that in addition to being a good mask to use for oily skin it can also help to treat acne. It is appropriate for people with oily skin as well as for people wit skin that is both oily and blemished.


The best oily skin mask may be a mask that also complements the other skin products that the user includes in daily bathing regimens. A tea tree oil mask, for example, might be a great product for someone to use who also uses a tea tree cleanser and a tea tree toner or astringent. While the mask can be used once a week to help reduce excess oil, the other products can be used on a daily basis.

Seaweed, green clay, and ionic clay are also good ingredients for an oily skin mask. Seaweed is an ingredient that can help to balance the skin and keep it from being so prone to creating excess oil. Ionic clay helps to cleanse out the pores and pull out excess oil that might be stored therein. Green clay, like ionic clay, pulls out oil that is even deep in the pores. By reducing the oil in the face, these kinds of masks both freshen the skin and help to reduce the occurrence of clogged pores.

Choosing an oily skin mask includes two processes. The first process is identifying the needs of one's skin, which narrows down the choice. The second process is a process of testing different products to find the perfect one.



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