How Do I Choose the Best Office File Cabinet?

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Most businesses can benefit from having at least one file cabinet, though many have several pieces of this office furniture. Before you fill your workplace with this kind of office storage solution, you should take a few details into consideration. First, think about the size of the office file cabinet, because it needs to be large enough to fit your documents but small enough to easily fit in your office. You also will likely want to consider its appearance, because it is often ideal for this piece of office furniture to blend nicely into its surroundings. In addition, some types of file cabinets have special features, such as a lock, fireproof construction or interlocked drawers that make it unlikely for the cabinet to tip over.


Before you purchase an office file cabinet, you should consider the size of the space you have available and the amount of documents you need to fit inside it. Some filing cabinets are short and wide, which means they can fit under a desk or shelf to maximize space. Other types are tall and narrow, which may be ideal if you need to fit a few of them in your office and do not have much extra space. Before you choose this office essential, though, you also should consider the typical size of the documents you need to file. If you plan to file mostly legal- or letter-size papers and small documents, then most cabinets should be fine, but larger documents that include posters and blue prints may require wider filing cabinets.

Though your office file cabinet should serve a practical purpose, it is helpful to get one that also matches its surroundings so it can complement the decor of the room. This is why you are advised to consider the current colors and theme of the space when choosing an office file cabinet. For example, if you have a wooden desk and wooden picture frames, then a wooden cabinet will likely make sense. On the other hand, metal may be better if you have a lot of metal furniture, or if your theme is considered modern. No matter which material you select, you will typically have a large selection of shades from which to choose, and you can narrow them down by making sure the one you choose matches the rest of the office furniture.

If your office file cabinet will contain confidential material, then you should try to get one with a lock and key so only you or selected employees have access to it. While this tactic can protect your documents from theft, choosing a cabinet made of fireproof material can shield them from fire. Another common safety feature to think about for your office file cabinet is the presence of interlocked drawers, which means you can only open one drawer at a time. This may prevent the cabinet from tipping over, which can protect you, your employees, and the items both inside and around the file cabinet.



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