How do I Choose the Best Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer?

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If you or someone you know one has been abused in a residential care facility, you may need to find a quality nursing home negligence lawyer. The first and most important step to take is to remove the individual from the abusive situation. Next, you will need to determine the level and amount of mistreatment that has occurred. Once you have gathered this information, it is time to find a nursing home negligence lawyer. Principal things to consider are the attorney's credentials, style, location and price.

You will need to determine which nursing home negligence lawyer is best for you by investigating his or her credentials and reputation. A good negligence lawyer has settled cases both in and out of court. There are a large number of cases that never see a courtroom, but it is necessary for some to be taken to trial. A good lawyer will have no problem discussing qualifications with you.

The style of the nursing home negligence lawyer can help determine if he or she is the right fit for your case. You should be able to have a free, no obligation, brief meeting with a firm to determine if the attorney meets your needs.


Location would not appear to be extremely important given the ease with which electronic documents can be transmitted, but it can mean additional expense if the nursing home negligence lawyer is not conveniently located. If a lawyer has to travel to and from the nursing home to collect evidence and do interviews, he or she will charge for the time. Similarly, if the attorney is not located where the case may be tried, there may be additional charges for travel. A lawyer located in the same jurisdiction as the nursing home will also be more familiar with the judges in the area, which is beneficial when preparing for trial.

Price is a big factor for many people who are looking for a nursing home negligence lawyer. It is important to ask up front about the billing procedures and cost of a particular law firm. Many negligence lawyers will take a percentage of a settlement, though some might charge a flat hourly rate. Understanding your lawyer's billing practices will help to avoid any surprises or hassles when the trial or settlement is over.



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