How do I Choose the Best Notary Public Classes?

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The best notary public classes train students in all of the relevant procedures and legal requirements necessary to be a notary public. Similarly, the best classes should help you to understand what a notary public cannot do. The main duties of a notary public are witnessing signatures and certifying documents.

Also keep in mind that different nations and locales can have varying requirements for notaries public. In nations such as the United States, Canada, England or India, notaries public usually must at least take and pass notary public classes. After determining the requirements for being a notary public in your area, look for courses that are sanctioned by either the government or a professional notary public organization. This helps ensure that the class you take will meet all necessary requirements.

In some areas, notaries public are not required to take a notary public training course. Even so, it might be unwise to become a notary public without formal training. The work can be more detailed and more complicated than you might realize. The classes also are relatively inexpensive, and they can boost your credibility and ability to find work as a notary public.


The best notary public classes can help you understand proper procedures for certifying a variety of documents, such as copies of passports, land transfers, oaths and marriage certificates. A notary public also must verify the identities of the people signing a document, usually with a birth certificate, passport or driver’s license. The papers signed by a notary public typically are sealed with an official notary stamp and are then recorded in a public registry.

Generally, if you witness a document signing, it does not automatically make the paperwork legitimate. In addition, a notary public certificate does not authorize you to prepare legal documents or to give legal advice. The exception, of course, is if you also are an attorney.

When evaluating which notary public classes to take, consider whether the cost includes any books or other materials as well as the cost to take the exam, if required. In addition to teaching you how to fill out paperwork properly, the class should include any legal terminology that you will need to know. Preparation for a notary public exam also is desirable, because the exam will be given immediately following the class. If you do not pass the test, you will need to take it again and pass it in order to become a notary public.

Notary public classes can be taken either in your community or online. Notary public classes often are offered at colleges or through adult education programs. If you take a class online, make sure that it meets all of the requirements you need to become a notary public in your community.



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