How Do I Choose the Best Non-Aerosol Hair Spray?

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Using non-aerosol hair spray can be an excellent way to help the environment. When you are choosing a hair spray, it can be a good idea to spritz a little bit onto a small section of hair to see if it is extremely sticky. Doing so can also give you an idea of how easily the spray is disbursed from the bottle. If the product has a scent that complements your shampoo or other hair care products, this could be an added bonus.

You may need to use a particular brand of non-aerosol hair spray several times in order to determine how well you like it. For this reason, you may want to purchase sample sizes so you can try several types of hair spray. It can be a good idea to write down what you like and do not like about each brand so you can make a comparison after you have tried several non-aerosol hair spray products. Some of the things to take note of when you are trying samples include how well the hair spray holds, how it makes your hair feel, and whether it leaves behind a residue. You may also want to pay attention to how long a particular brand holds and how much of the product you might need to apply in order to achieve your desired results.


After you have decided which brands of non-aerosol hair spray you prefer, you may want to check the prices of full-sized bottles. Brands that are sold at a salon are often much more expensive than hair products purchased from a department store are. Once you know what each type of hair spray costs, you can decide if you are getting a better quality product if you choose a more expensive brand. If you decide you cannot afford the more expensive brand, an alternative might be to buy one hair product for everyday use and another one to use on special occasions.

The pump mechanism of a non-aerosol hair spray bottle may sometimes become clogged after you use it a few times. This can usually be resolved by running the pump under warm water to remove residue from the nozzle. Doing so should allow you to use the hair spray normally, though this is not always the case. You may want to take note of brands that continue to clog up so you will not continue to buy hair products that are difficult to use.



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