How do I Choose the Best Naturopathic Clinic?

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Choosing the best naturopathic clinic is very much like choosing any other type of medical care. It can take a bit of research to find local clinics, and then it may take some more scrutiny to find which clinic is best. Most people will need to approach this by calling up the local clinics, or ones nearby, that seem to best fit their needs.

One thing people should verify when searching for a naturopathic clinic is the extent of training of those working there. Many, but not all, states and countries require people who state they are naturopathic doctors to have licensing.

It’s important to find out if the NDs or NMDs (the acronyms associated with this training) are licensed and trained. Lots of people search for naturopathic doctors because they offer the best of traditional and non-traditional medicine. Be certain that clinics available have practitioners who have earned these degrees and pursued licensing, even when not required, since this guarantees a certain level of expertise and quality in complementary medicine.


Once the field has been narrowed by eliminating those doctors who are not truly trained in traditional medicine, potential patients will want to determine what kinds of care each clinic offers. Some people may be looking for a naturopathic doctor to provide all their care, and others may search for one who could help them deal with a specific issues such as weight management, menopause, fertility, etc. Many doctors work as general practitioners but some do specialize, or only accept patients with specific issues. Finding out from the doctors how they practice and what their areas of specialty or expertise are, can help further narrow down choice.

Another thing that can inform choice of the best naturopathic clinic is whether the clinicians will accept insurance. When naturopaths are medical doctors, they might take insurance, and it certainly helps to have some reimbursement. The best way to find out information on whether an insurance company works with the naturopathic clinic is to discuss this with the insurance company. It’s easier to make one call and ask if any of the doctor’s names show up as insurance contractors, than to call each clinic and ask them what, if any, insurance companies they take.

Paying for the services of a naturopathic doctor can be pricey, and may be prohibitive if insurance doesn’t cover doctor’s fees. If insurance companies are not contracted with any of the naturopathic clinics, there are two potential approaches. Sometimes a traditional doctor’s group has one ND, but it might not advertise as a naturopathic clinic. Getting care from this doctor’s group could give people access to an ND. Another option is that NDs who don’t take insurance might have payment plans or sliding scale fees to make care more accessible.

There are other factors that can be considered in choosing the best clinic, including location, pricing, and personality. It’s a good idea to interview the doctor who may provide treatment and determine if this person has the right bedside manner, which only the individual can determine. Also look at things like clinic hours and ease in making an appointment. These considerations can all help lead to making a choice that will be most appropriate.



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