How do I Choose the Best Natural Moisturizer?

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The first step towards selecting a natural moisturizer is knowing what kind of skin you have. There are five different types of skin ranging from oily to sensitive. Understanding your skin type is the only way to choose a natural moisturizer that will work for you.

People who have normal skin do not have any blemishes, and this type of skin is often uniform in color. Oily skin is prone to breakouts, and this type of skin is usually shiny. Dry skin feels tight and rough, and combination skin is both oily and dry. Generally, people who have combination skin experience dry patches around the cheeks, and oily patches around the forehead. Sensitive skin is irritated easily, and people who have this type of skin frequently have red blotches.

Once you have determined what kind of skin you have, you can then begin to look for a natural moisturizer for your skin type. Most creams and gels are labeled according to skin type, and choosing a product that corresponds with your skin is a good first step. You should also pay attention to a product's ingredients.


A natural moisturizer should not contain any dyes or perfumes, and look for a product that contains plant-based oils. Some ingredients to avoid include paraben, triclosan, and carbolic acid. All of these ingredients are chemical-based, and none of these ingredients can be considered natural. It is also crucial to purchase a product that contains sunscreen. Your skin should be protected against the sun on a regular basis even during the winter months.

Finding a natural moisturizer that doesn't contain any of the aforementioned ingredients can be difficult. Most products on the market contain a handful of chemicals that are not natural. Shopping for a product in a health food store or through a reputable natural moisturizer retailer are good ways to find a product that is truly organic. Alternately, you can use olive oil to moisturize the skin. Many expensive products contain this key ingredient, though you can use straight olive oil for a fraction of the price. Simply use this natural oil in the same manner that you use any other moisturizer.

When shopping for a good moisturizing agent, ask for samples of each product. This way, you can test out a number of different goods before you decide upon one. Since a great lotion is hard to find, it is best to use samples until you find one that you want to use everyday. After you have found the right lotion, make sure to follow package directions carefully in order to avoid skin irritation.



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