How do I Choose the Best Natural Mask?

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Many people incorporate natural masks into their regular beauty regimens. Masks generally are a part of an overall facial, and they have several purposes. No matter what type of skin type you might have, the main purpose of a natural mask is to improve the face skin. In order to choose the best natural mask, you must consider your skin type and the overall purpose of the mask. Another factor in the mask choice might be what ingredients you already have on hand to make the mask.

There are several main skin types, including dry, oily and sensitive. If your skin is oily, you’ll want to choose a natural mask that can absorb oil and excess moisture. If you have dry skin, you probably will use a natural mask that moisturizes your face. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll want to choose ingredients that will not cause a breakout or allergic reaction. If you have normal skin but are in the middle of a breakout, use one of the oily skin masks.


If you have oily skin, choose a natural mask that will help cleanse and treat your face. For example, honey naturally tightens oily skin. Use a mask that has honey or use natural honey by itself. Other oil-combating ingredients include apples, bananas, cucumbers and strawberries. Egg whites work to close pores, and plain natural yogurt works to exfoliate oily skin. Green mud or clay masks also are popular with people who have oily skin, because the clay removes excess oil and dead skin.

People who have dry skin benefit from choosing masks that will hydrate the face. For example, flaxseed masks work to soothe dry skin and prevent peeling. If you have thin and withered skin because of cold weather or wind, use a mask made of raw peaches and lemon juice. Tomatoes and potatoes have properties that refresh and replenish dry skin. Other ingredients that help with this type of ailment are dairy products, such as milk, sour cream and cottage cheese.

Most people with sensitive skin have to use natural masks, because masks with chemicals irritate and inflame their skin. There are several ingredients found in the majority of natural masks for this skin type. Oatmeal is one of the most common ingredients, because it prevents itching and breakouts as well as soothes the skin. Yogurt and honey also soothe this type of skin without irritating it. Rose clay masks will gently cleanse and hydrate sensitive skin while leaving a light fragrance.



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