How do I Choose the Best Natural Athlete's Foot Treatment?

To choose a natural athlete's foot remedy that will be right for you, consider the options and methods of treatment. Your options might include soaking your feet or applying a lotion or cream. In many cases, making some simple dietary modifications may help as well. Ultimately, your natural athlete's foot treatment should include ways to prevent future outbreaks as well.

Athlete's foot occurs as a result of a fungal infection. The intense itching, burning, pain, and peeling of the skin can be extremely uncomfortable for sufferers. In addition to peeling skin between the toes, small blisters may also develop. Fungus may thrive in damp or moist environments, so taking preventative measures to keep feet dry at all times may help.

As part of your natural athlete's foot treatment, you need to allow your feet to remain free of moisture, especially during exercise. When you are home, try wearing open-toed shoes or sandals to allow your feet exposure to air. Your socks should be made of a light cotton material. Be sure to wash them in a mild detergent. Never wear damp socks, shoes, or slippers and always dry your feet thoroughly after bathing.


For natural athlete's foot relief, you can use one of several products found at your nearest supermarket or grocery store. Plain white vinegar mixed with equal parts of warm water makes an excellent soak, as this contains natural anti-fungal properties. This could help inflammation and cure infection. Soak the foot at least two times a day until the skin begins to heal. Alternately, apple cider vinegar, also found at the grocery store, can be applied directly to the foot or used as a soak. This too is an excellent choice in treating fungal skin infections.

Other herbal remedies that may be used as all natural athlete's foot treatments are coconut essential oil and aloe vera gel. Dab some on a cotton ball or swab and apply to the area between your toes. Aloe, which is soothing and cooling to the skin, has been used for treating skin irritations and infections for many years.

When choosing your natural athlete's foot treatment, consider taking a dietary supplement that includes a probiotic. Acidophilus is a good choice and you may find this in powdered form or as a capsule. Probiotics work in a natural way to prevent yeast or fungus from growing. In addition to supplements, you might also consider eating yogurt every day, which has the same essential benefits. Check the label contents to be sure the yogurt contains live and active cultures.



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