How Do I Choose the Best Narrative Essay Topics?

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When considering narrative essay topics, you should be sure to choose a topic that is relevant to any assignment you may have. You should also consider a topic that interests you personally, as most writers are able to write far more effectively about something they are interested in than a completely unrelated or uninteresting subject. Since a narrative essay usually tells some type of story, you should also consider narrative essay topics that work well in that format and can easily be told as a narrative.

Narrative essay topics are usually chosen by the writers of narrative essays, though sometimes subjects and topics may be chosen for a writer. If you are writing a narrative essay for a class assignment, for example, then you should choose a topic that satisfies the requirements of the assignment. A personal narrative should be about you or an event you were directly involved in or witness to, while a subject for a fictional narrative essay should come from your own imagination and contain original material. Ultimately, the narrative essay topics you consider should all be relevant to the purpose of your essay, especially if the essay is being written for a classroom assignment.


You should also be sure to consider narrative essay topics that actually interest you personally, or are in some way related to your interests. While you may not have complete control over the types of topics available to you, you should at least look for those narrative essay topics that you would want to read about. It is typically true that writers create more interesting narratives or articles about subjects they have an interest in writing or reading about. If you do not care about the topic you are writing about, then you cannot reasonably expect anyone else to care about it, even a teacher.

It can also make the entire writing process somewhat easier if you consider narrative essay topics that naturally lend themselves to the format of a narrative. You should not, for example, choose a general topic such as nuclear disarmament or gun control for a narrative essay unless you have direct experience with these subjects. Narrative essays are meant to tell some type of story and relate an experience or concept through a narrative, which means you should look for narrative essay topics that can easily work within that format. While you can potentially choose a difficult subject and find a way to inject it into the mold of a narrative essay, the experience is likely to be far more troublesome and complicated than writing about a more natural narrative subject.



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