How do I Choose the Best Mutual Fund Guide?

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Mutual fund guides provide insights into the historical performance and trends in the mutual fund market. Your search for the best mutual fund guide starts when you find a reputable investment firm. The best fund guide mixes multiple forms of data layout with analysis by experienced fund advisors. You should also look for publications that look back on at least a decade of fund performance. Your ideal mutual fund guide should be packaged with additional services like free updates and newsletters that increase its value.

The best fund guide for your needs should come from an investment firm or publishing company with a sterling reputation. You should look carefully at a company prospectus before choosing a mutual fund guide from an investment firm. This document will detail returns on investment for the firm's mutual funds dating back to fund creation. Your search for a financial publisher will take you to customer reviews about the reliability of the company's guides. It is important to take mutual fund advice from a reputable company familiar with this complex market sector.


The information published in a mutual fund guide should be comprehensive as well as easy to understand. The best guide displays fund performance in multiple formats, including charts and graphs. These data displays account for readers ranging from inexperienced investors to seasoned traders. Your ideal mutual fund guide places current fund performance statistics in context with historical performance statistics. Guides should extend their statistics back at least a decade, when applicable.

An invaluable part of any fund guide is analysis from fund managers and experienced traders. The best mutual fund guide includes a brief explanation of this market sector along with a glossary of terms. Each niche within the mutual fund market is explained by an analyst familiar with market trends. You might expect to see a projection of mutual fund growth or decline as part of this analysis. These projections are based on past performance as well as larger economic trends.

Your money goes further when you choose a fund guide combined with additional products and services. An investment firm might attach lower trading fees and other incentives to a guide in an effort to attract more customers. The best mutual fund guide might include personalized advice from a personal trader. You might also receive free updates to the mutual fund guide as well as regular newsletter about the mutual fund market.



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