How Do I Choose the Best Mustard Marinade?

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A marinade is any liquid solution used to make meat more tender and to improve its flavor. Marinades commonly include an acidic base that allows its seasonings to spread throughout a piece of meat. To choose the best mustard marinade, you should determine the kind of meat you would like to cook first. While some marinades might work for several kinds of meat, such as chicken and steak, most marinades work better for some meats than for others. You should also consider the other ingredients you are serving with a meat dish, since it is a good idea to choose a mustard marinade that compliments your whole meal.

Another factor to consider when choosing a mustard marinade is your own skill in the kitchen. As a general rule, marinades are relatively easy to make. In most cases, you need only mix together a few ingredients in a bowl and then apply the liquid solution to your meat. Some recipes, however, are more complicated than others and may require some extra steps, such as blending or chopping certain ingredients.


If you are missing certain kitchen tools or don't feel quite confident as a chef yet, you might want to stick with a basic mustard marinade recipe, which might include mustard, oil, vinegar, and some basic seasonings. Another option is to purchase a prepared mustard marinade at a local grocery store or deli. If you are on the fence about several different marinades, you should ask an employee if you can taste them to decide which is best for your needs.

As in most shopping situations, a great way to choose the best mustard marinade is to get recommendations from people you trust. For example, if you have a friend or family member who is a great cook, you should ask him or her for some marinade suggestions. If you are without acquaintances who are proficient in the kitchen, a good substitute might be a professional chef or food writer. Watch cooking television shows, visit websites, or read cooking books to get some great ideas about a mustard marinade.

If you are looking for a mustard marinade because you are throwing a dinner party or cooking a meal for guests, you should make sure that you do not have to consider allergies. It is common for marinades to include ingredients such as oils from nuts, which are quite dangerous to those with related allergies. You might also want to ask your guests for their preferences.



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