How Do I Choose the Best Musk for Women?

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One of the most sought-after beauty aid products is musk for women. This product emits a strong and hopefully pleasant odor when it is applied. Your choice of musk may be dictated by just how strong this odor becomes. Particular fragrance preferences guide many musk choices as well. Other purchasing variables include cost, form, and the product's environmental impact

Musk is a particularly powerful form of aromatic body application. The odor from musk is so intense that it is often used as a base substance for perfume ingredients. Musk-only products derive from glands found in the musk deer. True musk oils will provide the most authentic fragrance experience, but may be difficult to locate. A large percentage of contemporary musks simply simulate the musk deer secretions.

Different concentrations of musk oil and musk synthetics can vary the intensity of musk for women. If you desire a more subtle smell, you should opt for synthetic white musk with low ingredient concentrations. Some individuals prefer musk products because of their strong presence, however. In fact, natural musk products are believed to have a pheromone effect.


Smell is likely the most important aspect in any perfume-related purchase. Manufacturers develop women’s musk in a wide range of odors. For a stronger effect that most closely resembles the actual musk oil itself, a natural woodsy smell may be best. An exotic smelling perfume, on the other hand, will typically be laden with spices and herbs. Others might prefer a more traditional fruit or floral scent.

Musk products may be in spray or dab-on varieties, depending on personal preferences. Spray varieties have the advantage of being more versatile in their use, as they may be distributed in a room as well as directly on the body. If traditional perfume applications are not for you, you might opt for musk for women in powder form.

Environmental safety might present a major concern for you, in which case you might consider a class of musks called macrocyclic musks. These are one of three major musk types, with the other types being nitro and polycyclic musks. Due to their chemical composition, the latter varieties may not break down as easily and thus may pose an environmental risk.

Cost drives many consumer purchasing decisions, including buying musk for women. Higher-priced brands might provide you with longer-lasting smells and fancier bottles or packaging. More expensive products also tend to be smaller, however, which means you will get less product for your money. Many quality brands simulate better-known products at a more affordable rate, and a retail clerk in a beauty aids store might help you sort out the value-priced from the simply cheap. If possible, you should also sample the products to get an idea of how the musk interacts with your specific skin chemistry.

Many companies produce musk for women. In order to gain a better understanding of brand differences, you may browse some online sites that offer consumer reviews. Popular retail outlets that sell beauty products will often offer customers the chance to rate and evaluate products. Several sites also specialize in providing consumer information. These information outlets may post professional comparative reviews, customer reviews, and price and feature comparisons.



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I am not a musk fan for men or women. I think it usually smells heavy and funky. Some musk scents (usually called white musk) are better than others, but overall, I'd rather use a fragrance with a bottom note that smells better.

And really, musk is an attractant for other animals, not humans. I know some men really like a musk cologne for women, but I don't understand why. Maybe they just associate it with sex for some reason. Probably because of what they’ve seen on TV commercials.

In my opinion, musk usually just smells cheap, rather than alluring.

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