How do I Choose the Best Murder Defense Attorney?

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Murder can carry stiff penalties if you are convicted, including life in prison or the death penalty in some places. Earning an acquittal or a lighter sentence often means selecting an experienced, competent murder defense attorney. The best murder defense attorney will likely not only have experience, but also have finesse in dealing with other attorneys, judges, and jury members. He will likely have the skills to handle the media and obtain competent medical and psychiatric witnesses to testify in your case as well. Additionally, he may work with talented private investigators to find evidence to bolster your case.

As with most other legal cases, it is important to find an experienced lawyer when you are facing murder charges. With your freedom and possibly even your life on the line, you’ll likely want a lawyer who is well versed in laws pertaining to homicide, possible defenses, and sentences. You may also want a lawyer who is experienced with managing the media, especially if you have a high-profile case. Such a lawyer may be able to help minimize the damage that may be done to your reputation and overall case by information leaks.


A good murder defense attorney should also have the skills and experience to deal with prosecutors, judges, and juries. He may know, for example, how particular judges run their courtrooms and have prior knowledge of the unique courtroom styles of prosecutors in your area. Likewise, he may have experience in the jury selection process and know how to deliver arguments that make the jury take notice. Additionally, the best murder defense lawyer may have experience with plea bargaining and use this experience to help you win lighter sentencing.

It’s not just the judge, jury, and attorneys who have influence on the outcome of your case. Expert witnesses may play an important role as well. The best murder defense attorney will be experienced in getting expert witnesses to testify in your case, finding the right experts, and using their testimony to help in your defense.

You may also do well to choose a murder defense attorney who has access to some of the best private investigators. These investigators may be instrumental in uncovering evidence that helps you win your case by proving your innocence or by presenting detailed evidence of extenuating circumstances.



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