How do I Choose the Best Multivitamin Without Iron?

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Choose the best multivitamin without iron by asking for recommendations from your doctor and other people you know who take vitamin supplements. Also, go online and research different multivitamins and look specifically for ones that do not contain iron. Next, go to the store and compare different brands, including generic brands, and narrow your choices down according to your specific needs. Each brand should give you at least 100 percent of your daily requirements for each nutrient, except calcium. Finally, select the multivitamin without iron that appears to best suit your needs, that will digest well and that has a reputation for being effective.

Many prefer a multivitamin without iron when shopping for nutritional supplements. One reason for this is that multivitamins with iron tend to cause constipation in some people. Also, individuals who do not have an iron deficiency do not need excess iron. The body does not excrete much iron, so excess iron only builds up in the body and, over time, causes iron toxicity.


In order to find the best multivitamin without iron, start by speaking to your doctor. Find out if there are any particular brands he or she can recommend and why. Also, ask among your family members and friends for recommendations on particular brands. Although friends may not take a multivitamin without iron, some vitamin brands offer things that others don’t, such as organic ingredients or liquid vitamin supplements. Store brands may also be good, so do not rule these out.

Visit your local health food store and read the labels on a few brands you are most interested in. Specifically, look for the nutritional value each contains. Only consider brands that give you 100 percent of your daily requirement for the vitamins each contains. The only exception to this will be calcium, as it is not possible to put that much calcium in a single vitamin supplement. Select a few brands as finalists according to which multivitamin without iron offers you the best nutritional value, which one will last you for a month or more, and which one has a reputation for quality and benefit.

Ultimately, select the multivitamin without iron that offers you the best all-around value. After you purchase the vitamin supplement that you believe to be best, however, there is one final test. Take the vitamins home and place one in a small glass of vinegar. Leave the vitamin there for one hour and return to see if it has dissolved. If it has not dissolved, this is an indication that it may not digest well inside your body. Armed with this information, return the bottle to the store where you bought it and select another brand.



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